Fiber metal cutting machine WATTSAN 1325 TABLECHANGE

Fiber metal cutter with automatic table change.

  • Laser power control Program
  • Laser head Raytools, WSX
  • XY Engine power 750-1500 W
  • Automatic change of work tables Yes
  • X and Y axes Guides HIWIN 20 mm, Helical rack LEAN
  • Z Axes Guides HIWIN 15 mm, Ballscrews 16 mm
  • Working area 1300x2500
  • Height sensor Automatic capacitance
  • Grease system Semiautomatic, Automatic centralized
  • Max. movement speed 60, 120, 100 m/min
  • Max. working speed Depends on a thickness of material
  • Laser Raycus / MAX Photonics / IPG
  • Additional gas Oxygen, nitrogen, air, argon
  • Frame Metal sheet, Welded from thick-walled steel tube, Moulded with strengthening
  • Software CYPCUT
  • Electronics Schneider
  • Z Engine power W 400 W
  • Repositioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
  • Laser power 1000, 500, 750 W
  • Height control system BCS100
  • Control system FSCUT 2000
  • Type of proximity sensors Height control system
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Fiber metal cutter with automatic table change.

Fiber metal cutting machine WATTSAN 1325 TABLECHANGE

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Fiber metal cutting machine WATTSAN 1325 TABLECHANGE is a large and high-precision machine for cutting stainless and carbon steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized plates and other materials. A distinctive feature of this machine is the presence of a changeable table for continuous operation of the machine and acceleration of the production process. The cutter is used in aviation, mechanical engineering, it is used in the manufacture of advertising products, electrical equipment and auto parts.

The machine is equipped with one of the Max / Raycus / IPG fiber laser emitters. All three are of high quality, exceptional accuracy and speed. At the same time, the IPG series is considered the highest quality. The buyer chooses the laser power himself in accordance with his tasks. On this machine, it is possible to install emitters of the following powers: 300/500/750/1000 Watts, and from 1500-5000 Watts with a protective cabin.

One of the main advantages of all fiber lasers is durability: the life of the ignition unit reaches 100 000 hours. And this is about 10 years of continuous work. The manufacturer also claims that the bed of this machine can last 20 years. Therefore, a fiber laser machine will be a good investment and will last for many years.

There are two options for the working field for this machine: 1300x2500 mm and 1500x3000 mm (1530 TABLECHANGE). For smaller workpieces, the 1300x2500 mm option is suitable; for industrial production, it is recommended to purchase a larger working area. If you have any doubts about the choice of the working field, please contact our specialists for advice.

The machine is operated by the Cypcut control system. Movement along the X, Y, Z axes is carried out by servomotors. The machine is equipped with wear-resistant guides and an accurate cutting head. An industrial cooling system is included with the machine, which will protect the equipment from overheating and prevent the machine from failing.

The WATTSAN 1325 TABLECHANGE metal cutting laser machine has a number of undeniable advantages: high-quality components and a durable fiber laser, a reliable control system and a high speed of gantry movement along the axes. The device does not have consumables, except for the protective glass for the lens, which must be replaced at least once a month, and with intensive use - every week. It should also be remembered that the lens itself must be changed at least once a year.

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Start-up and adjustment, service maintenance

In order to establish your own profitable production you can order commissioning works from us. The company’s engineers will launch the machine, make a test cut/engraving, and conduct training on machine operation

The cost of the service is from 125 euros. It does not include travel and travel expenses of an equipment setup engineer.

In addition, Virmer company provides diagnostic and maintenance services. The main reason for the breakdowns of laser machines is an unprofessional use. It is not recommended to trust machines service or repair to dubious organizations and repair the equipment independently. By choosing Virmer, you get a guarantee and reliability.

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