Wattsan 200W

Ισχύς λέιζερ:
200 W
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Laser Surface Cleaning Machine Wattsan 200W

Unique selling proposition

Brief of Laser Surface Cleaning Machine Wattsan 200W

Laser cleaning is a high-technology equipment for contactless cleaning of surfaces by laser emission. Laser emission removes grease stains, lubricate fluids, paint coatings, corrosion, oxide coatings and other types of pollution with high efficiency without damaging the surface of base material. Capabilities of the cleaning system meet requirements of local cleaning and cleaning of items with irregular shapes. The Laser cleaning system provides a high-quality cleaning and decreases total manufacturing costs.
Does not require chemical or other additional materials.

One of the main advantages of the laser cleaning is safety and high-quality result. The technology has earned a right to be called one of the best methods for metal corrosion prevention.
During processing, laser ray is directed to one specific area, and undamaged surface stays uncovered.
Laser cleaning technology is extensively used in mechanical, automotive and food industries, in microelectronics manufacturing, in restoration works, in shipbuilding, electric power industry, etc.

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150 kg
Ισχύς λέιζερ:
200 W

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