Laser and milling machines


  • We will help you to choose a perfect CNC machine

    Modernize it with accordance to your requirements

  • We will start up the equipment, adjust it and help you to understand the working process

    We also are ready to train your personnel

  • Termless technical support and service maintenance

    In the Netherlands and throughout Europe

  • We take logistics concerns

    100% guarantee of equipment safety during transportation

  • Warranty period up to 12 months

  • Online demonstrations around the world

Easy to buy even you're in hard-to-reach region

VIRMER arranges delivery of equipment and spare parts in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Each CNC laser machine is thoroughly checked upon arrival as well as before shipment to the customer. Our technicians test the equipment in work and provide video evidence of this process.


Easy purchasing process

Request and invoice issue

Our managers will help you to choose the perfect machine in accordance with your needs and will consult you on any question. After you made a final decision, you receive an invoice.

Invoice payment

You transfer the payment by the most convenient for you way. At that time our managers start to prepare your equipment

Delivery and shipping

After the payment received, we send the equipment to you or inform you that it is ready for a pick up.

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Before sale service

With VIRMER you will get the best price. We will help with the organization of delivery and documentation support.

Professional after-sales service

Our company give a 12 months term warranty on the equipment. We are always ready to provide quality service after the expiry of the warranty period.

I got the equipment, what’s next?

Self-performed start-up

You will get the manual in supply set. An experienced CNC laser machine operator will most likely be able to do the setup and run the machine yourself.

Commissioning works

If you don’t have much experience with laser equipment, our technicians suggest you to entrust this process. Engineers are based in the Netherlands but travel on business throughout Europe.

How to start working on the CNC machine?


We publish design layouts in our official public. All layouts are available to download.

You can make your own designs using graphic editors such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

Our designers also can help you with design layouts of your products. If you don’t have time to do it, our experienced designers will also help you with layouts making. This is a rare option that only a few companies can offer.


Majority of setting are set by trial according to working speed, power of laser tube, tube’s power reserve, processing step and other properties.

If you have booked the startup service then you are lucky - you will have a mini-training course of CNC machine work.

Established partnership with well-known brands in CNC industry

King Rabbit
S and M