Laser cleaning machines

Laser cleaning is a method of removing contaminants from different types of material. The main scope of application of this technology is the cleaning of metals from corrosion.

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What is laser cleaning?

Laser cleaning refers to surface cleaning using a fiber optic laser. The same fiber optic laser is used in metal cutters, laser markers and engravers. Thus, a laser-cleaning machine is suitable for removing rust from metal items and workpieces.

The Virmer experts suggest using the Wattsan laser cleaning machines, which technical parameters guarantee excellent results. When choosing equipment, you should consider your tasks and the available budget.

A galvanometric scanner is an important component of laser cleaning equipment. It can be in the form of a gun that an operator holds with one or two hands pointing it to the surface to be cleaned. The scanner helps to focus laser radiation on the material surface, widen the laser beam, and give the light spot the desired shape.

A system of mirrors inside the scanner collects the rays of light and then distributes them over the surface of the treated product. This allows you to clean relief surfaces, for example metal bars.

The laser-cleaning machine should be completed with a cooling system, or a water chiller. It is necessary to prevent a laser source and a scanner (if it is a water-cooled type) from overheating during operation.

Principle of laser cleaning operation

Operation of laser cleaning is based on exposing a light beam to the surface. If there are no contaminations (for example rust), the laser beam is reflected. If there is corrosion, it absorbs the beam. Because of thermal energy of the laser, the strength of metal oxide molecules that form the rust decreases. They collapse, detach from the metal, melt, and evaporate.

What materials can be cleaned with a laser?

Laser cleaning equipment is mainly used to remove contaminants from metal surfaces. This method is suitable for removing rust, varnish, paint, organic substances, oils, soot, and other contaminants.

The technology is also successfully used to clean plastic, stone, ceramic, and concrete.

With a laser-cleaning machine, you can process:

Advantages of laser cleaning

The main advantage of laser cleaning is that it is noncontact. The nozzle does not touch the surface to be machined. Thus, the processed material is not damaged. The laser beam evaporates contaminants only.

This makes laser cleaning different from the mechanical one, which can damage the product itself. When sandblasting, the contaminated material is “bombarded” with small sand particles. Falling at high speed, they chip contaminants off the surface. But such impact can damage the product and disrupt its structure.

Non-contact treatment is also an advantage over chemical cleaning methods. In the second case, contaminants are dissolved by special solutions, which can disrupt surface and material structure.

Let us specify the advantages of laser cleaning:

How to use laser-cleaning equipment for surfaces

To start working, you need to study the user manual and connect the equipment to the electricity supply. No special training is required.

Service and maintenance

For a laser-cleaning machine to work properly for a long period, it is necessary to regularly clean mirrors and lenses from dust.  The water in the chiller must be changed. It should be distilled in order to prevent solids or microorganisms from entering the equipment hydraulic system.

No special qualifications or skills are required to maintain this equipment.


What can be cleaned with a laser-cleaning machine?

The technology is suitable for cleaning metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, and concrete. These can be car parts, electronic devices, jewelry, and so on.

Does laser cleaning remove rust?

Yes, this method is very effective when removing rust from metal surfaces. The metal oxide molecules that cause corrosion are evaporated by the laser beam.

How much does a laser-cleaning machine cost?

The price for a laser-cleaning machine is determined according to the material and the surface area to be cleaned.

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