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Virmer is the official supplier of Wattsan CNC laser machines and CNC routers, which has more than 15 years of experience in the production of industrial equipment for various industries. Located in the Netherlands, we provide our clients with reliable CNC machines-tools, laser equipment and spare parts in the whole of Europe (including the UK, Turkey and the Balkans).

We work for our clients’ clients, which means for your clients. Our equipment enables you to craft and produce items matching your clients’ needs and expectations. Thanks to our pre-sales technical consulting, you don’t waste time when it comes to setting the machine up or to include it into your production process. Our service doesn't end even after the equipment is installed and up and running. You'll get technical support for any questions you may have. When you buy from us, you not only purchase a machine, but you also get technical support and expertise about how to make the most out of your machines. Laser cutting and engraving is our expertise and we know what we're talking about.

Virmer was created to respond to the needs of many businesses, which are eager to purchase reliable equipment at the best possible price. We take care of our reputation and therefore are responsible for the quality of our products.

Why Wattsan?

Wattsan is an original brand manufacturer of CNC machines-tools and industrial equipment based in China. That means that Wattsan designs, conceives and manufactures its production in its industrial complex located in Jinan, China. The bed and body of the machine are pre-fired, which considerably increases the lifespan of the CNC co2 laser machines and CNC routers.

Thanks to its commitment to supplying its clients with superior products, Wattsan is striving. Not only does the company constantly improve its current models of CNC and laser equipment but Wattsan is also expanding its lines of products to new usages such as laser welding, laser cleaning, and metal laser cutting.

With every machine sold, Wattsan gets better!

With more than 50 upgrades, Wattsan is continuously improving its equipment thanks to the feedback and requests provided by its dealers, engineers, and customers. In a little more than a decade, Wattsan became a provider of sought industrial equipment and machine tools to customers located in over 23 countries.

Wattsan machines are designed to produce high quality products in order for our customers to win the competition in their industry in terms of cost, speed, quality and quantity.

Why Virmer?

Every entrepreneur wants reliable, performant, and thrifty equipment for their business. Moreover, each business owner and manager also wants a trustworthy supplier which can swiftly advise and assist them whenever needed. That’s what Virmer provides. We are not a mere supplier of industrial equipment. We provide you:

  • Customer support: At Virmer, we advise you, before and after the purchase, on the machines and the best ways to use them. We can provide you technical support for any Wattsan machines that you owned, even if you did not purchase it from us.
  • Components availability: We are doing our best to always have replenished stocks. Well-furnished stocks enable us to ensure rapid delivery and make sure that your business can quickly receive and start using its brand new equipment.
  • Fast delivery: We are ready to swiftly deliver your machine to all parts of Europe (including the UK, the Balkan, and Turkey) and offer you the following delivery options:
    1. We chose the transport company and we send you a quote
    2. You chose the transport company
    3. You come to our warehouse in the Netherlands and pick up your order yourself
  • Delivery guarantee: We take full responsibility for the delivery of the equipment to your site. The equipment undergoes a 3-stage quality check, first at the manufacturer's factory in China, then when it arrives at the warehouse in the Netherlands, and finally before it is shipped by the transport company to your business. This guarantees high quality equipment for us and our customers
  • Showroom and Demo: You have questions regarding the use of equipment? We make a demo, record it and send it to you. You want to process specific pieces? Ship them to us with the instructions and we will do as you decided and record the whole process. Are you tired of seeing everything online? Come to our showroom in the Netherlands to touch, test and try our equipment.
  • Training: Our technicians can be dispatched to your site for work commissioning and training your staff on the usage of your newly purchased machine.
  • Customer service: Once the sale is made, we are not disappearing. Instead, we are providing you with bespoke and genuine customer service and technical assistance.
  • Components: We provide you with all kinds of machine parts and components supplied by world-renowned manufacturers (Hiwin, S&A, Reci, Ruida, ets). We strive to equip Wattsan machines with the most reliable and common components in the world
  • Warranty: Our equipment is under warranty for 24 months and can be extended up to 60 months. We provide assistance during the whole lifetime of the machine. Machines can be upgraded to respond to new needs.

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  • Warranty up to 5 years
  • Local service all over the Europe
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Showroom and Demo

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