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Virmer offers for sale laser beam welding machines for seam and spot welding. Such equipment is indispensable to increase productivity. With a laser beam welding machine, you can produce a high quality final product with an invisible weld. All work can be done quickly, comfortable, and accessible even for a beginner.
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Our equipment is sold throughout Europe and in the USA. The machine manufacturers use only high-quality components of world-class brands. This ensures the durability and reliability of our welding machines.

By purchasing a machine from our catalog, you also get a warranty, consulting, training, and maintenance. For more information about laser beam welding machines, please contact our managers.

Operating principle of laser beam welding

Laser beam welding is performed with special equipment. Such a method allows producing items with a high quality joint at high speed.

Welding occurs due to heating and melting of the processed metal. A laser beam that penetrates the metal causes these processes. The equipment creates a light flux with uniform wavelength. A focus is achieved by guide mirrors. The energy flow is controlled by focus lenses.

The laser welding process is performed in the following order:

The laser beam has a small cross-section. This allows you to fill the smallest cavities and unevenness of the material and ensures the most even and smooth joint seam. This advantage is unique to laser beam welding. Also, due to the high speed of laser beam travelling, there is not enough time for metal to oxidize.

With the laser beam welding, it possible to get two types of connecting seams:

Features of welding different materials.

Each metal has its own set of characteristics that should be taken into account when welding with the laser beam welding machine. Note: before laser beam welding, it is recommended to pre-clean the material. This is especially true for those metals that are prone to corrosion. The cleaning can be done with a usual stainless brush.


To weld parts from titanium, it is recommended to pre-clean the material. For example, by sandblasting. Then, it is advisable to etch, wash, and treat the metal with helium.


The metal is prone to oxidation and releasing volatile elements. That is why, it is recommended to etch it and treat it with a hand scraper.

Galvanized steel

Such a metal type as well as brass and other zinc-containing alloys should not be welded with a handheld laser machine. This is due to the release of hazardous volatiles. Such treatment is possible, but a very powerful exhaust system is required.

How to select a laser beam welding machine

Virmer takes care of its customers. We are interested in helping you with a choice of laser welding equipment that is suitable for your production needs. Therefore, we have compiled the most important criteria to focus on when purchasing laser beam welding machines.

Laser emitter

This criterion is based on two main parameters of an emitter: its power and its brand.

The power should be chosen according to the thickness and type of the metal to be processed. For example, to weld elements up to 3 mm thick, a power of 1000 W is quite enough. For thicker material, equipment with higher power is required.

The following brands of laser emitters are in the highest demand:

All mentioned laser emitters perform perfectly providing high quality of welding. Thus, our company recommends considering them when you are choosing welding equipment.

Equipment head

Laser welding heads are available in two versions:

For the first version, the weight of the head is up to 0.8 kg, for the second – up to 2 kg.

Cooling system

High-quality laser beam welding machines come with double-circuits chillers. This allows you to cool both the laser emitter and the welding head. Purchasing a laser machine with such cooling equipment ensures its longer service life.

Wattsan laser weld machine overview

The equipment is designed for manual laser welding. Using it, you can process the following metals:

The machine is supplied in four versions with different power of the laser source (500W, 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W). You can choose the emitter brand from the following: Reci (is included in the basic version of the machine), Raycus, IPG, JPT.

The equipment dimensions are 1120x550x1120 mm. It is equipped with a 2-motor welding head and program control system. This allows you to set up the type and thickness of a weld seam.

The Wattsan laser weld guarantees high quality and durability of welding due to the absence of material deformation during processing. Mechanical post-treatment is not required. Thus, the machine saves up your time.

It is easy to operate and accessible to people without specialized training. To start working, you just need to fix two metal objects in several places. After that, you can start welding.

Our customers choose the Wattsan laser weld to produce:

In addition, it can be used in automotive and aircraft industries.

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