The service of our company has been helping clients for almost 10 years. During this time we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and practical experience of working with a variety of models.

Contact us for help on the following questions:

  • Diagnostics of mechanics and electrical equipment;
  • Equipment commissioning works;
  • Software configuration;
  • Repair of equipment and spare parts;
  • Replacement of wearing parts.
Type of work Price 

Start-up and adjustment of laser equipment

from 116 €

Start-up and adjustment of CNC milling machine

from 116 €

Start-up and adjustment of cutting plotter

from 54 €

Complete diagnostics and purge of the equipment

from 70 €

Chiller repair

from 47 €

Laser tube replacement

from 35 €

Replacement of optics system elements  

from 16 €

Replacement of CNC milling machine spindle

from 35 €

Replacement and closure of CNC milling machine inverter

from 70 €

Purge and alignment of optics system

from 23 €

Replacement of high-voltage power supply with current rate adjustment

from 23 €

Control system replacement  

from 93 €


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