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When buying a CNC machine, it is usually quite difficult to start the machine and run it properly if you do not have special training. Over the years, we have learned all the ins and outs of CNC machining.

We supply only those types of equipment, for which we can provide a comprehensive service.

Our engineers have been trained according to Wattsan technical standards. This experience allows us to reduce returns for warranty reasons to a minimum.

The 3 Step Quality Control

Before shipping to a client, our CNC equipment undergoes the 3 step quality control. It does not matter whether it is a laser marker or a metal-cutting machine.

  1. First, at the Wattsan factory.
  2. Then on arrival at our warehouse in the Netherlands.
  3. Finally, before being shipped to our customer.

The 3 step quality control guarantees high quality equipment for our customers and us!


Our purpose is to teach how to operate CNC equipment, how to work with different materials, how to organize your production, and much more.

Having received the experience and technical training of Wattsan engineers and technical personnel, our staff will give our customers and partners sufficient training to use the machine on your own.

Training can be carried out both offline and online.

Customer Support

Our engineer is dispatched to your location for commissioning and technical assistance.

When it's necessary we will organize a video conference between you and the engineer.

Our support line is at your service to assist in equipment selection, answer your questions about machines and provide solutions to technical problems.

Consultation, demo, recorded tests and technical assistance can be done remotely.

“Each Wattsan machine owner gets lifetime online-support.”

Our Engineers

At Virmer, there is an inner ranking system for our engineers. Training and certification on commissioning and new equipment takes place every six months.

New employees undergo a mandatory training programme supervised by experienced old-timers.

Level 4 – work at the warehouse preparing machines and carrying out demonstrations.

Level 3 – CO2 laser machines and CNC routers.

Level 2 – CO2 laser machines and CNC routers, fiber markers, laser welding machines, and laser cleaning machines.

Level 1 – fiber metal cutters, CO2 laser machines and CNC routers, fiber markers, laser welding machines, and laser cleaning machines.

“Our task is to keep your machines running”


Our equipment is under warranty for 24 months and can be extended up to 60 months.

What do you get with Virmer Service Support?

Virmer is ready to give all the necessary information on working with CNC machines and provides training for you and your operators. In the future, you will be able to operate your CNC equipment with confidence and produce quality products.

Contact us for assistance with the following questions:

  • Commissioning the equipment at your site.
  • Training your operators on CNC machines.
  • Test production on your materials and recommendations on how to work with the equipment.
  • Conducting an examination for machine operators with the production manager.
  • On-line operator's knowledge check after a week of work.
  • Information and advice on equipment operation.

Our mission is to make each of our clients a better business!

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  • Warranty up to 5 years
  • Local service all over the Europe
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Showroom and Demo

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