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Buy a CO2 laser machine from Virmer. A varied selection of CNC machines with CO2 laser. The machines can engrave and cut wood, plywood, plexiglass, acrylic and even light metals. The equipment is delivered all over Europe. Choose the most optimal model according to your needs, required work area size, and your budget. Also, you can select some other parts for your machine change a laser tube or stabiliser.
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How to select a CO2 laser machine?

Without knowledge about laser machines design and engraving features, it is quite difficult to decide on the right equipment. The technical components, described in the machine specifications, add more questions and doubts. What is a working area, laser tube or lens, and how do all these tools affect the performance of the equipment? In this article, we will help you to understand the features of a CO2 laser machine design and tell you how to select laser equipment without excessive costs.

How and what materials does a CO2 laser machine process?

CO2 laser machines are equipped with a laser tube surrounded by mirrors. A mixture of gases (mostly nitrogen and helium) and a liquid cooling circuit is inside the tube. The produced beam is characterized by high power, which is achieved by the reflection of light in the mirrors. The power increases as the light travels through the tube. The beam comes out only after reaching the maximum power. A CO2 laser machine is capable of processing almost any material. For example:

Developed more than 50 years ago, CO2 laser machines are still very popular in production. Versatility and high performance keep this equipment in demand.

Operating features of a CO2 laser machine

It is important to understand the design features of a machine body.

The bed or carcass, on which all the other components are mounted, is the base of the machine. Therefore, it should be the most durable and stable part of the machine as it takes the entire load during operation. Moreover, the bed is the point of origin of coordinates when marking.

The service life of the machine also depends on the quality of its bed. When checking for compliance with technical standards, the following things should be noted:

CO2 laser equipment should meet the dimensional requirements of guide rails, work area, marking-off boards, and other equipment for securing the material. The machine’s precision depends on it.

The stable, reliable body of the CO2 machine is a guarantee of high-quality equipment.

Next, let us look at other indicators of high quality equipment.


The second important factor is the kinematics. The kinematics of equipment usually refers to movements of mechanisms inside the machine that start the work of tools.

It is important to pay attention to the machine motors and its power. We recommend choosing those brands that have proven themselves in the laser components market. This will ensure high quality and long service life of your machine excluding unnecessary expenses for repairs.

The components of the kinematics of the machine affect:

Also, pay attention to the reliability of the brand when choosing end sensors and belts.


Note the design of a CO2 laser machine. Sometimes it comes with additional features.

For example, the working area of a CO2 laser can be increased by opening panels in the front and rear.

If you work with narrow sheet materials, you can drag it through opened panels and under the machine’s gantry during operation. It reduces processing time and significantly optimizes the production process.

Another important feature is the manual lifting of the working area. This option is used for engraving cylindrical or volumetric items.

Also, you should pay attention to the CO2 machine’s engines, especially when working with heavy materials (stone). If the engine is not durable enough, it can affect the products’ quality or even damage the equipment.

How to select a CO2 laser machine?

Before choosing laser equipment, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Answering these questions will help you to significantly narrow down the range of suitable equipment for your tasks.

When choosing a machine, it is also necessary to consider the purpose of further use. For example, for small or hobby production, you do not need high-performance equipment. At the same time, large-format powerful laser machines are indispensable for mass production or industrial use.

The success of production depends on the correct choice of laser equipment. So let us enlarge on the important criteria that you should pay special attention to when purchasing equipment.

Support and maintenance

Support, maintenance, and warranty are the integral indicators of the reliability of the manufacturer. Every day some new companies are set up, but we recommend choosing the long-livers of the market when buying expensive laser equipment. Also, check the country of origin of the equipment and find out where else it can be ordered.

Many clients are interested in buying laser-engraving equipment from Chinese marketplaces such as Alibaba and Aliexpress. We recommend that you treat such purchases with caution. Even if the equipment is of high quality and fully complies with the stated characteristics, it is unlikely that further service and maintenance are available. But if you have decided on your choice, pay attention to consumables and spare components. It is important that they can be easily found in your region in case your equipment fails.

Chinese sellers from marketplaces often number components without specifying the manufacturer’s brand. In such cases, you run the risk of getting many repair denials from technical centers.

For these reasons, we recommend buying engraving machines from proven manufacturers only.

Equipment set

When choosing a laser machine, note the type of an end sensor. There are two of them:

We recommend selecting machines with inductive end sensors. Mechanical sensors are less accurate and are prone to contaminations. And with laser processing, dust always occurs. In addition, mechanical sensors have a certain number of actuations, and there is a risk of sensor fault and damaging of the work head.

It is not recommended to save on the sensor. This may result in the breakdown of a work head, carriage rollers or guide rails.

Another important component is the chiller. The cooling system ensures continuous trouble-free operation of the laser tube. We prefer reliable S&A chillers.

Also, for convenient use of the machine, we recommend purchasing equipment with a niche for collecting garbage. It will help to keep the workspace clean.


Most CO2 laser machines have a power output of 25-100 W. However, there is also equipment with more than 1000 W.

The choice of capacity depends on the scale of production. For the hobby marker, a desktop machine with low power is quite enough while for large-scale serial production, powerful laser equipment is required.

Work area size

The most popular models of laser machines come with a work area of 500×300 mm and 600×400. Such dimensions are suitable for processing most materials. Among Wattsan machines, these are models 0503 and 6040.

To work with larger materials, medium format laser machines are more convenient. For example, the Wattsan 1610 Duos Conveyer is the best option for machining roll materials. This machine is equipped with a work area with dimensions of 1600×1000 mm. In addition, there are the Wattsan 6090 and the Wattsan 1290.

For machining large-sized materials, we recommend looking to large format CO2 cutting machines. The work area of such machines usually has a size of 1800×3000 mm and 2000×3000 mm.

The choice of the work area size depends on the scale of production and the size of the material to be processed. In addition, it is important to consider the area of the room where the machine will be used. The room should be spacious enough to install the equipment, store the material, and perform additional tasks, for example pre-cutting. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the floor in the room is flat.

Before buying a machine, we recommend consulting specialists. Virmer managers are always ready to help you to understand all the nuances.

What else should be noted when choosing a CO2 machine?

When choosing a CO2 machine, you should find out what laser tubes are installed and how they are mounted.

For example, Wattsan CO2 laser machines come with special fastenings in order to simplify the changing of laser tubes. Due to the fact that these fastenings have a special scale, it is possible to raise the front and back of the laser tube to the same height, as if using a ruler.

This feature allows you to quickly test and adjust your CO2 machine every day even with intensive operation.

Wattsan CO2 laser machines

Virmer offers a wide range of Wattsan CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines for any type of production. Let us take a closer look at some of them.

Wattsan micro 0203

It is a desktop laser machine with a 200×300 mm work area. The power of a laser tube is 40 W.

The machine is suitable for cutting and engraving non-metallic materials. Maximum thickness:

The Wattsan 0203 is used for producing souvenirs, imprints, as well as in woodworking and printing.

Wattsan 0503

Another model of desktop CO2 laser machine. The complete set includes:

A distinctive feature of the machine is the manual lifting table.

The machine can be used for laser cutting and engraving of non-metallic materials. Material thickness:

The equipment is popular for small-scale production of promotional items, souvenirs and in printing.

Optionally it can be upgraded with a chiller and a more powerful laser tube.

Wattsan 6040

A laser machine is equipped with a lifting working area of 600×400 mm. The model belongs to desktop machines for medium and large production. The laser tube power is 80-95 W.

The machine has a wide range of applications: from souvenirs to industrial production. It can handle the following materials:

The 6040 model is equipped with a through table, which allows machining roll materials despite the compact size of the machine. On request, the machine can be upgraded with a chiller and a more powerful laser tube. It is also possible to install a rotary device.

Wattsan 6090 LT

A laser machine comes with a built-in lifting table. The work area size is 900×600 mm, and the laser tube power is 80-95 W.

The equipment is intended for medium production. It can machine the following materials:

In order to extend the service life of a laser tube, it is recommended to use a chiller. On request, a more powerful tube can be easily installed.

Wattsan 1290 LT

A medium format laser machine. It is equipped with a 1200×900 mm work area and a 100-120 W laser tube.

The equipment is used for cutting and engraving non-metallic materials. It can handle plywood up to 10 mm thick and plastics up to 15 mm.

The machine is indispensable for serial production of items made from various materials.

It is also possible to upgrade the laser machine by installing a more powerful laser tube or a rotary device.


Which belts are the best for engraving machines?

We recommend choosing 3M belts. They are the most popular on the market and are considered to be of a high quality.

Is a niche for garbage collection necessary?

Yes, it is advisable to find out if it is included in the basic equipment set.

It is important to know:

When choosing a CO2 laser machine, you should also pay attention to the table type of the machine. There are two options: a honeycomb table and a lamellae table.

What is the difference between a honeycomb table and a lamellae table?

To work with small pieces, a honeycomb table is an ideal choice. While for cutting large sheets of material a lamellae table is indispensable.


A lamellae table should be anodized. This will prevent the backfiring of a laser beam into the operator or material.

What CO2 laser machines are the most popular?

The most popular models on the market have the following work area sizes.

Can a CO2 laser machine engrave?

Wattsan CO2 laser machines are intended to cut fabric, plywood, cardboard, some plastics, and acryl. Moreover, it can perform engraving on glass, stone, wood, and plastics.

It is recommended to perform engraving before cutting. Such an operating order ensures that the layout will not move during engraving.

Advantages of Wattsan CO2 laser machines

  1. Durable frame. Wattsan laser machines come with a 3 mm (and more) thick metal frame ensuring high precision of operation.
  2. Niche for garbage collection. It is used to collect residuals and small pieces of the material. Also, it serves as a structural feature for the stability of the bed.
  3. Fastenings for laser tubes. Wattsan CO2 machines are equipped with special fastenings for laser tubes. This significantly simplifies the setting process and allows using laser tubes with different diameters.
  4. 3-phase stepper motor. On Wattsan CO2 equipment, 3-phase stepper motors are installed while most of the CO2 machines on the market come with 2-phase motors. 3-phase steppers ensure quality of engraving and high speed of performance.
  5. Wattsan CO2 machines are equipped with a special button, which blocks the machine from turning on if the cooling system is switched off. It prevents your laser tube from overheating ensuring its long service life.

In conclusion, let us summarize. There are many factors that should be considered when choosing a CO2 laser. According to the production needs, the power, dimensions, and other parameters are determined. At the same time, it is important to remember that the higher the technical characteristics of the machine, the higher its price is. There is no need to pay extra money if your tasks do not require this. But the large-scale production requires appropriate equipment.