Laser machine WATTSAN 1610 DUOS LT

Large-format machine with two cutting heads and automatic table lifting

  • Through table Yes
  • Supported format AI, PNG, PLT, GIF, JPEG, PDF, DXF
  • Working table lowering depth 160 mm
  • Laser power 100-120 W
  • Second laser head Yes
  • Laser durability 10000 h
  • Weight 457 kg
  • Positioning precision 0,03 mm
  • Lens D20 F50.8
  • Materials Cardboard, Paper, Acrylic, MDF and chipboard, Wood, Denim, Stone, Rubber, Leather and leatherette, Fabric, Plexiglas, Plastic, Paronite, Plywood
  • Min. letter size for engraving 1,5x1,5 mm
  • Engraving speed 0-600 mm/s
  • Cutting speed 0-400 mm/s
  • Engine Stepper motors (three-phase)
  • Software RD Works
  • Working area 1600x1000
  • Control system Ruida RDC 6445G
  • Laser machine configurations Two heads
  • Mirrors D25
  • File transfer LAN, USB
  • Type of working table Lamels
  • Power consumption 3400 W
  • Laser Sealed CO2 laser tube
  • Automatic working table lift Yes
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Large-format machine with two cutting heads and automatic table lifting

Laser machine WATTSAN 1610 DUOS LT


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The unique WATTSAN 1610 Duos LT cutting and engraving machine is different from other laser equipment. It has an auto-lift table that lowers 160mm and two 120 Watts high power laser tube. Each laser head generates an independent laser beam, which passes through its own optical system of mirrors and enters a separate movable carriage above the table surface. The cutting heads work simultaneously, each on its own half of the material. This is important when producing a large number of small blanks and products. The efficiency of work is doubled, so the WATTSAN 1610 Duos LT model is used in all medium and large industries specializing in mass production of serial products in large volumes.

Scope of WATTSAN 1610 Duos LT:

A feature of the machine is that it works only with non-metal surfaces, common to all gas lasers. Despite this limitation in choice, the list is quite extensive and includes fabrics, furs, rubber, wood, plastics, paper, cardboard, polystyrene and paronite. A wide range of materials available for processing allows the machine to be used in areas such as:

  • making postcards, magnets, souvenirs, gifts, soft toys, construction kits, etc.;
  • furniture direction (cabinet, upholstered, office, overlays);
  • production of packaging for gifts, jewelry, equipment, building materials, furniture;
  • advertising sphere (applying logos and corporate symbols, making illuminated signs, lightboxes, two- and three-dimensional figures, and much more);
  • cut fabrics for clothes, bedding, upholstery covers and car seats.

Characteristics of the WATTSAN 1610 Duos LT:

  • The service life of the emitters is 6000 hours. The thickness of the material that the beam can cut through is 15 mm for acrylic and 10 mm for plywood. If you want to work with thicker surfaces, you can equip the machine with higher power tubes up to 180 Watts.
  • Size of work table is 1600×1000 mm covered with lamellas.
  • The removable body walls allow cutting materials in rolls and workpieces protruding along the length beyond the table.
  • Three-phase motors are responsible for moving all moving parts of the equipment/
  • To improve the configuration and buy in addition: a rotary device, a laser pointer, a honeycomb table, a chiller.
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In addition, Virmer company provides diagnostic and maintenance services. The main reason for the breakdowns of laser machines is an unprofessional use. It is not recommended to trust machines service or repair to dubious organizations and repair the equipment independently. By choosing Virmer, you get a guarantee and reliability.

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