Laser metal cutting machines

In the Virmer catalog, you will find a wide choice of laser metal cutters. Such equipment is intended for machining virtually any metals. Metal cutting machines are used in metallurgy, aviation, automotive industry, and many other spheres.

Laser machines for metals are characterized by high performance, automated equipment, and short payback period. Order a metal cutting machine for your profitable production.

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Types of metal cutters

There are 4 types of laser metal cutters:

Despite the wide range of laser metal cutters, we recommend choosing fiber equipment. There are several reasons for this. Fiber laser machines are characterized by:

However, you should note that the price of fiber laser machines is significantly higher than that of competitors.

Next, let us take a closer look at the fiber type of CNC metal cutters.

Operating principles of fiber metal cutters

The beam, generated by optical fibers, is intended for machining metals. Positioning accuracy on some machines does not exceed 0.03 mm. This allows them to cut out complex designs and shapes from quite thick material with exceptional precision.

The laser beam inside fiber machines is formed by semiconducting diodes and a fiber optic cable. Inside the cable there are fibers with high light conductivity. The core is made of ytterbium-coated quartz. There are also slits (grating) that change the reflectivity and act as resonators. By supporting the required wavelength, the laser beam saves its monochromaticity.

When the machine is switched on, the diodes become active generating energy and sending it into the cable. This process activates the core, setting into action the ytterbium-coating and provoking the emission of new atoms. The formed light energy comes out as a laser beam with high energy density. The beam is projected onto the material, causing its particles to melt and evaporate. Movements of the CNC machine head are controlled in software.

How to select a fiber laser metal cutter?

Virmer Company is engaged in supply and maintenance of machine tools from the world's best brands. We have been on the market for more than 11 years. We know everything about laser and milling equipment and are ready to share our knowledge. We have chosen four main criteria, which can help you with selecting the most optimal for your production metal cutter.


Machining such coarse material as metal requires increased rigidity of the machine base. The bed performs this function.

It is the quality of the bed that determines stiffness of the structure, absence of vibration, and accuracy of machining.

If you are engaged in small-scale production of small-sized items, there is no need for a heavy bed. In this case, working speed is more important. At the same time, for machining large sheets of thick metal, the reinforced bed is indispensable.

In our catalog, you can find models of metal cutters from Wattsan. Regardless of the bed thickness, it undergoes furnace tempering several times. This guarantees the frame’s rigidity and precise operation of the machine.

Speed of machining

Servomotors are responsible for working speed of the machine. These are modified steppers; however, they provide higher quality of operation than their predecessors do. Servomotors are characterized by:

It is almost impossible to process metals without servomotors as they allow for maximum precision at high speed.

Wattsan metal cutters are equipped with Mitsubishi servomotors, the leading manufacturer of this type of equipment. Its components are durable, reliable, and easily replaceable.

Work area

The size of the work area depends on dimensions of the material to be processed. It can start from 1300x2500 mm and reach 2000x6000 mm.

Sometimes material dimensions do not fit the standard sizes of the work area. In these cases, equipment with lifting or sliding tables is required.

Also, there are models with a tablechange option. For example, the Wattsan TABLECHANGE with the following work area sizes available: 1300x2500 mm and 1500x3000 mm. It can be equipped with a laser emitter of 1000-3000 W and a cabin for safety purposes. The Wattsan 1325 metal cutter is a professional durable (continuous operation period from 10 years) equipment that is used in different spheres, from advertising to aircraft industry.

Laser emitter

Among the leading manufacturers of laser emitters, the following are worth noting: Max Photonics, IPG, Raycus. The highest quality components, suitable for professional metal cutting and engraving, are made by IPG.

When choosing the power of equipment, you should be found on the characteristics of the material. The most important things to pay attention to are thickness and reflectivity.

However, you should also understand what tasks you need to perform. For example, to cut pipes, we would recommend to look at the Wattsan 1530 Rotatory that comes with a special construction unit for such tasks. The machine is usually equipped with a cabin that is necessary for emitters with the power of more than 1000 W and the work area of 1500x3000 mm. If necessary, it can be upgraded with a more powerful laser emitter, 1500-5000 W. The equipment is one of the most advanced among modern metal cutters.

When choosing a metal cutter, pay attention to the manufacturer and machine’s components. Virmer is confident in the quality of the equipment offered so the company provides a warranty and assistance in commissioning and training. Also our customers can always contact us for service support and repair works.

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