Payment and delivery

The company provides all the necessary documents necessary for a corporate or government entities.

The equipment is possible to purchase by request.

Buy on order

Payment can be made by bank transfer to our bank account. The company provides all the necessary documents for this.

Delivery terms

Delivery from the warehouse is made immediately after payment or with the customer's agreement. Delivery may be organized by the company or pick up.

Delivery cost depends on the total weight and dimensions of the equipment.

Customer pickup

Eisenhowerweg 5F, 5466 AB
Veghel, the Netherlands

Return and Warranty

Properly quality technically sophisticated equipment such as CNC laser machines, metal cutting machines, metal and nonmetal engravers, laser markers cannot be returned. The provided warranty period for all types of laser equipment is 2 year.

The extended warranty period is applied for Laser equipment of some suppliers.

The warranty doesn’t apply to consumables, including those that are sold with CNC laser machines.

If the CNC machine has failed which was provided by our company (NOT consumables, but the equipment) we will definitely help you restore its operability.

You can contact our Virmer technical support line or your designated laser repair manager.

Сontact us:

The repair time depends on the extent of the breakage. But we will certainly try to fix it for a short time.

Before shipping, our company carefully checks operability the laser CNC machines. After that, we are sure that the equipment works properly and meets performance requirements, we send it back to you. 

In case, you received an inadequate quality CNC laser machine, you can return it. After our specialists have verified the equipment malfunction. 

The customer pays for the delivery costs for the return of equipment of inadequate quality.

We accept inadequate quality CNC laser machines for an evaluation quality at our warehouse:
Eisenhowerweg 5F, 5466 AB
Veghel, the Netherlands

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  • Local service all over the Europe
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