CNC Router Machine WATTSAN A1 6090

CNC Router Machine WATTSAN A1 6090 for a wide scope of application

  • Cooling type Water
  • Positioning precision 0,05 mm
  • Width of guides 20 mm
  • Engine Step engine Yako 2405
  • Quantity of axes 3
  • Speed of portal movement 15 000 mm/min
  • Working area 600x900
  • Height of spindle rise along Z axis 200 mm
  • Installation type Floor-standing
  • Spindle power 1.5 kW
  • Spindle rotation speed 24 000 rpm
  • Weight 340 kg
  • Collet ER-11
  • Software NcStudio
  • Control system NcStudio
  • Materials Plywood, Plexiglass, Plastic, Paronite, Chipboard, Composite, MDF, Aluminium, Wood, Soft Metal
  • File transfer USB
  • Power consumption 2300 W
  • Frame Welded steel
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CNC Router Machine WATTSAN A1 6090 for a wide scope of application

CNC Router Machine WATTSAN A1 6090


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WATTSAN A1 6090 CNC milling and engraving machine is one of the most economical and practical machines. The machine performs cutting and engraving of wood, MDF, chipboard, acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, composite, aluminum. WATTSAN A1 6090 also performs 3D milling.

This machine can be used to produce doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, machine parts and gasket materials from paronite, stand bases, LED and light boxes, souvenirs and decor items. WATTSAN A1 6090 has a working field of 600×900×200 mm with a slatted table.

A spindle with an ER-11 collet chuck and a power of 1.5 kW is included in the basic package. Water cooling system. A stepper motor controlled by the Yako 2405 driver is responsible for moving the portal. The body is a welded structure made of steel profile. The machine weighs 400 kg. The maximum axis travel speed is 25,000 mm/min, and the maximum working speed is 15,000 mm/min. Spindle speed can reach 24000 rpm. The table has a slatted T-slot cover. The NcStudio software is responsible for the machine control. The model can be upgraded: DSP controller, chip removal system, manual auto-lubrication.

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In order to establish your own profitable production you can order commissioning works from us. The company’s engineers will launch the machine, make a test cut/engraving, and conduct training on machine operation

The cost of the service is from 125 euros. It does not include travel and travel expenses of an equipment setup engineer.

In addition, Virmer company provides diagnostic and maintenance services. The main reason for the breakdowns of laser machines is an unprofessional use. It is not recommended to trust machines service or repair to dubious organizations and repair the equipment independently. By choosing Virmer, you get a guarantee and reliability.

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