Laser machine WATTSAN 0203 micro

Working area:
200x300 mm
Laser power:
40 W
Positioning precision:
Up to 0,05 mm
Machine size:
810 x 500 x 265 mm
Packing size:
935 x 630 x 370 mm
38 kg
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Laser Engraving Machine 40W co2 WATTSAN 0203 micro

Unique selling proposition

  • Desktop (compact)
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Easy service
  • M2 control system
  • Powerful laser tube

Brief of Laser Engraving Machine 40W co2 WATTSAN 0203 micro

Wattsan 0203 micro — desktop laser engraving machine

A compact desktop co2 laser engraving machine Wattsan 0203 micro is designed for long works and continuous operations. The Wattsan 0203 micro is good not only with high engraving quality, but also with cutting thickness up to 5 mm. The working area is limited to 200×300 mm.

The machine has a wide range of materials for cutting and engraving such as plywood, wood, plastics, leather, fabric and much more.

And the compact dimensions allow you to install the machine on a desk.


  • – engraving

  • – cutting

  • Wool

  • Resin

  • Marble

  • Granite

  • Bamboo products

    Bamboo products
  • Crystale jade

    Crystale jade
  • Ceramic tile

    Ceramic tile
  • Paronite

  • Stone

  • Glass

  • MDF

  • Foam rubber

    Foam rubber
  • Polyethylene foam

    Polyethylene foam
  • Plexiglas (Acrylic)

    Plexiglas (Acrylic)
  • Fabric

  • Leather

  • Rubber

  • Plastic

  • Cardboard

  • Plywood

  • Wood


Wattsan laser machines are thoughtfully designed

  • Efficient smoke extraction

    The well-arranged smoke extraction system allows you to work in small workshops and minimizes smells caused by cutting or engraving.

    Efficient smoke extraction
  • Reinforced structural elements

    Engrave at high speed without compromising on quality. Professional components eliminate the occurrence and accumulation of errors caused by vibrations.

    Reinforced structural elements
  • High quality laser tube

    The 40 W laser tube has a very small spot and, as a result, a very high engraving quality. In addition, it can cut wood up to 4 mm.

    High quality laser tube

Wattsan - designed and engineered for business owners

Machine part
  • Gantry
  • Mechanical end sensors
  • Easy mirror adjustment

Purchase procedure

  • Equipment selection

    We assist you in making your choice of a machine matching your needs

  • Sending invoice

    We agree on the complete set of the machine and sending the invoice with the final cost of the equipment.

  • Payment

    In full if the machine is in stock. 50% in advance 50% at the delivery if the machine is not in stock.

  • We check the machine

    The 3 step quality control: at the Wattsan factory, at our warehouse in the Netherlands, before the delivery.

  • Delivery or pick-up

    Either a transport company or you pick up the machine from our warehouse.

  • Launching equipment

    We are here to assist you whenever you need support.

Experiences from enthusiastic bloggers

  • I’m extremely happy with the device! Its powerful reinforced frame reduces wobbling which is perfect for engraving at high speeds. I’ve been using it for acrylic glass and the results look really cool.

    Heinrich Schüür Heinrich Schüür
  • A great laser engraver, it can cut significant thicknesses of wood without effort. I used it for both engraving and cutting, and the machine worked wonderfully.

    Il Makerstauratore Il Makerstauratore
  • This laser engraver can engrave without any problem. How fast and easy it is able to customize products!

    Riccardo Muscarella Riccardo Muscarella
  • Machine has a perfectly flat surface. It makes repetitive work easier for me!

    Matteo Moras Matteo Moras
  • Great job done within an hour. Thanks to the speed of the laser CO2 machine.

    Roberto D'Adago Roberto D'Adago
  • This model is great, and laser precision is crazy, it’s sharp as a razor!

    Roger Jungo Roger Jungo

Technical characteristics


Working area:
200x300 mm
38 kg
Machine size:
810 x 500 x 265 mm
Packing size:
935 x 630 x 370 mm

Materials Table

Cardboard, Acrylic, Plastic, Stone, Wood, Paper, Plexiglas, Plywood, Paronite, Rubber, MDF and chipboard


Diameter of mirrors:
20 mm
Laser type:
Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser power:
40 W
Laser tube lifetime:
7000 h
Max. cutting thickness (wood):
3-4 mm
Positioning precision:
Up to 0,05 mm
ZnSe lens:
Min. letter size for engraving:
1x1 mm
Focal length:
38 mm


Cutting speed:
0-300 mm/s
Table model:
Honey comb, Blade table
Engraving speed:
0-700 mm/s


Corel Laser, Winseal XP
Control system:
File transfer:
Power consumption:
350 W
Supported format:
Electric power supply:
220 V

Ask questions

  • First of all you should decide what are you going to use the machine for, what kind of material would it be and it's size (length and thickness). This will help determine the required power of the laser tube as well as the size of the working area. You can also write or call us, we will be happy to help you choose the right machine for your tasks and budget

  • Laser engraving machine is a piece of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment that uses a laser beam to engrave necessary graphic information (image or inscriptions) on various surfaces.

  • Engraving is the effect on the material in depth. Marking on the other hand only changes the color of the material.

  • Using CO2 laser machine you can engrave any type of wood materials: solid wood, plywood, MDF and others.

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  • Nagore

    Buenos días, puede cortar policarbonato transparente?

    Avatar Garrett

    ¡Hola, Nagore! 

    Para cortar policarbonato transparente necesitas más potencia - al menos 100W (con un grosor máximo del material alrededor de 1-2 mm). También es importante tener en cuenta que los bordes del corte podrían adquirir un tinte amarillo por quemarse. Gracias por tu pregunta. 

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