Laser marker WATTSAN FL HH

Work area:
220x220 mm
Laser power:
20-50 W
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Laser marker WATTSAN FL HH

Brief of Laser marker WATTSAN FL HH

This bench-type device is designed for marking metals (including rare ones), plastic, rubber, PVC, epoxy resin, ceramics. It is a portable type of a laser marker, which makes it possible to apply markings in inaccessible places, as well as on heavy and oversized objects. The complete set includes a launch pedal that ensures continuous operation of the machine.

The marker is equipped with a 20 Watts laser, which allows marking with a quite high speed and accuracy. The service life of the emitter reaches 100 000 hours, which guarantees an exceptionally long period of continuous operation at no additional cost. The advantage of laser marking is non-contact and no mechanical damage.

The machine is controlled via the EzСad control system, which supports BMP, PLT, CDR, DXF, AI, SVG and other image formats.

Technical characteristics

Machine size:
930 x 410 x 710 mm
54 kg
Rotator seats:
Work area:
220x220 mm
Installation type:
Laser output frequency:
20-60 / 20-80 / 20-200
Laser power:
20-50 W
Wave length:
1064-1069 nm
Emitter life:
100 000 h
Laser tube lifetime:
100 000 h
ZnSe lens:
F-Theta D80
Diameter of mirrors:
85 mm
Laser type:
Table model:
Without a table
Marking speed:
Supported format:
Electric power supply:
220 V
EzCad 2
Control system:
Power consumption:
700 W

Purchase procedure

  • Equipment selection

    We assist you in making your choice of a machine matching your needs

  • Sending invoice

    We agree on the complete set of the machine and sending the invoice with the final cost of the equipment.

  • Payment

    In full if the machine is in stock. 50% in advance 50% at the delivery if the machine is not in stock.

  • We check the machine

    The 3 step quality control: at the Wattsan factory, at our warehouse in the Netherlands, before the delivery.

  • Delivery or pick-up

    Either a transport company or you pick up the machine from our warehouse.

  • Launching equipment

    We are here to assist you whenever you need support.

Ask questions

  • Laser markers usually have small working area: from 100*100 to 300*300. You should keep it in mind while choosing the machine.Then you should decide what type of material are you going to work with. For exaple Co2 marker is good for wood, plastic and plexiglass. If you want to mark metal then you should pick fiber laser marker. The choice of emitter depends on the desired result. For example, if you want to do color marking on metal, then IPG or JPT are an excellent choice.

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