Handheld laser welding machine Wattsan Laser Welding 4in1 G1 Raycus

Laser power:
1500 / 2000 / 3000 W
Machine size:
1075x664x1055 mm
Packing size:
1270x700x1280 mm
Laser source:
235 kg
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Handheld laser welding machine Wattsan 4in1 G1 Raycus

Unique selling proposition

  • Welding hard-to-reach areas

  • High welding speed (1-10 m/min)

  • User-friendly interface

  • One nozzle for all types of metals and thicknesses

  • Easy to select seam type

Brief of Handheld laser welding machine Wattsan 4in1 G1 Raycus

Wattsan 4in1 G1 Raycus laser welding welds product parts in any position

The Wattsan 4in1 G1 Raycus hand-held laser welding machine provides high working speeds and perfect weld quality. It is used for joining various metals with a thickness of 0.3 to 7mm. The machine is capable of welding carbon, low-alloy, high-tension, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium alloys, plastics, and various dissimilar materials. It simplifies the welding of workpieces, even with a low qualification of the operator.

Different types of welding joints are available: butt joint, lap joint, tee joint, edge joint, and corner joint. The hand-held laser welding machine is used without filler wire, but if necessary, any wire feeding device can be integrated. The main consumables are working gas (nitrogen/argon), nozzles, and protection mirrors. Thanks to the 8 m cable, welding can be carried out over a considerable distance from the machine.


  • – cutting

  • – welding

  • Carbon steel

    Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel

    Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel

    Galvanized steel
  • Aluminium

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Titanium


Select the type of seam for your task!

Before starting work, it is important to determine the type of weld, whether it be a butt joint, fillet weld, tee weld, lap weld and end joint. This will help you opt for the best welding technique in each case:

  • Spot
  • Line
  • Circle
  • Double circle
    Double circle
  • Triangle
  • Eight
  • Small patch, high power. Fits for rivet welding and butt joints.

  • The line width can be adjusted. This method is suitable for welding thin metals, butt welding and wire feed welding. Ensures a wide seam, which gives a better parts bonding.

  • The diameter can be adjusted. The uniform distribution of specific power allows getting a wide seam coupled with a greater depth of penetration compared to the linear type of oscillation. Fits for welding thin sheets.

  • The diameter can be adjusted. The uniform distribution of the specific laser power makes it possible to obtain a wide seam with a deeper penetration along the seam edges. This method is suitable for all types of fillet welding.

  • Adjustable width. Enables the beam to increase the depth of the weld pool. The frequency can be reduced by adding wire feed welding. This type of oscillation is suitable when working with plumb lines.

  • Ensures a wide seam and deep penetration. This method is suitable for welding wide joints, as well as when working with plumb lines.

Wattsan laser welding are thoughtfully designed

  • Control desk

    User-friendly interface for creating quality welds. The wide range of settings makes all types of welding patterns accessible even to the novice user. It takes about one day to learn how to operate and maintain the machine! The touch panel is dust-proof and remains operable under all circumstances.

    Control desk
  • Laser source

    The machine is equipped with a high quality RECI fibre laser emitter however, other brands are also available: IPG, Raycus, and JPT. The service life of a fibre laser emitter is more than 100,000 hours. The choice of source depends on the customer's wishes and required tasks. To weld large thicknesses including double-sided welding, IPG and Reci laser sources are preferred while any of the above brands can be used to weld thin metals.

    Laser source
  • Welding gun functions

    The machine software allows you to change the joint thickness and welding patterns: circular, square, C-pattern, V-pattern, figure 8, etc. For ease of use, an additional display on the handpiece shows the current settings.

    Welding gun functions


Stainless steel Stainless steel
Material Peak laser power Set the power Speed (mm/sec) Frequency (kHz)
1 mm 500 watts 260 watts 800 5
1.5 mm 500 watts 340 watts 750 5
2 mm 1000 watts 600 watts 800 5
2.5 mm 1000 watts 730 watts 700 5
3 mm 1000 watts 860 watts 720 5
Aluminium Aluminium
Material Peak laser power Set the power Speed (mm/sec) Frequency (kHz)
1 mm 500 watts 480 watts 700 20
1.5 mm 1000 watts 560 watts 800 20
2 mm 1000 watts 780 watts 800 20
2.5 mm 1000 watts 928 watts 800 20
3 mm 1500 watts 1150 watts 800 20
Brass Brass
Material Peak laser power Set the power Speed (mm/sec) Frequency (kHz)
1 mm 1000 watts 900 watts 600 30
1.5 mm 1500 watts 1100 watts 600 30
2 mm 1500 watts 1350 watts 500 30
2.5 mm 2000 watts 1600 watts 500 30
3 mm 2000 watts 1850 watts 500 30
Copper Copper
Material Peak laser power Set the power Speed (mm/sec) Frequency (kHz)
1 mm 1000 watts 650 watts 600 30
1.5 mm 1000 watts 850 watts 600 30
2 mm 1500 watts 1100 watts 500 30
2.5 mm 1500 watts 1400 watts 500 30
3 mm 2000 watts 1750 watts 500 30
Carbon steel Carbon steel
Material Peak laser power Set the power Speed (mm/sec) Frequency (kHz)
1 mm 500 watts 300 watts 500 20
1.5 mm 500 watts 370 watts 500 20
2 mm 500 watts 480 watts 600 20
2.5 mm 1000 watts 600 watts 600 20
3 mm 1000 watts 760 watts 700 20
Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
Material Peak laser power Set the power Speed (mm/sec) Frequency (kHz)
1 mm 500 watts 320 watts 600 20
1.5 mm 500 watts 460 watts 600 20
2 mm 1000 watts 600 watts 500 20
2.5 mm 1000 watts 800 watts 700 20
3 mm 1000 watts 960 watts 650 20

Working in uncomfortable positions – gun weighing only 1 kg

Machine part
  • Nozzle module
  • Cleaning module
  • Focus module
  • Galvanometer module
  • Wireless control module
  • QBH connector
  • Collimator module
  • Automatic wire feeder

Purchase procedure

  • Equipment selection

    We assist you in making your choice of a machine matching your needs

  • Sending invoice

    We agree on the complete set of the machine and sending the invoice with the final cost of the equipment.

  • Payment

    In full if the machine is in stock. 50% in advance 50% at the delivery if the machine is not in stock.

  • We check the machine

    The 3 step quality control: at the Wattsan factory, at our warehouse in the Netherlands, before the delivery.

  • Delivery or pick-up

    Either a transport company or you pick up the machine from our warehouse.

  • Launching equipment

    We are here to assist you whenever you need support.

Experiences from enthusiastic bloggers

  • A great laser engraver, it can cut significant thicknesses of wood without effort. I used it for both engraving and cutting, and the machine worked wonderfully.

    Il Makerstauratore Il Makerstauratore
  • This laser engraver can engrave without any problem. How fast and easy it is able to customize products!

    Riccardo Muscarella Riccardo Muscarella
  • Machine has a perfectly flat surface. It makes repetitive work easier for me!

    Matteo Moras Matteo Moras
  • Great job done within an hour. Thanks to the speed of the laser CO2 machine.

    Roberto D'Adago Roberto D'Adago
  • This model is great, and laser precision is crazy, it’s sharp as a razor!

    Roger Jungo Roger Jungo

Technical characteristics


Machine size:
1075x664x1055 mm
235 kg
Packing size:
1270x700x1280 mm
Welding head weight:
0.7 kg
Fiber length:
10 / 15 m


Operating mode:
Weld depth:
2 / 3 / 5 / 7
Operating humidity range:
30-70 %
Laser source:
Laser wavelength:
1080 nm
Focal length:
Operating temperature range:
5-40 ℃
Laser power:
1500 / 2000 / 3000 W
Laser frequency:
up to 20 kHz


Focal length:
150 / 200 mm
Mode setting:
Collimator focal length:
50 mm
Protective lens:
Control system:
Welding head:
FWH20-S30C / FWH20-S32C

Wide Feed

Drive type:
step motor
Feeding speed:
80 mm/min
Length of wire guide:
10 m
Wire diameter:
3.0 mm

Ask questions

  • The machines requires the minimum amount of consumables: nitrogen/argon and electricity, consumable electrodes are not required. Parts are welded without using a filler wire although it can be fed as an option.

  • The working surface does not need cleaning or polishing before and after welding. The surface cleanness is not so essential for laser welding as for MIG welding.

  • The laser welding machine suits for butt welds, fillet welds, T-welds, circumferential welds, ill-fitting items. The welding process results in a high-quality weld free from distortions and burn-through that does not require postweld treatment (due to a limited heat-affected zone).

  • The laser welding machine is able to weld: carbon steel, low-alloy steel, high-strength constructional alloys, stainless steels, aluminium, copper and brass alloys, titanium, plastics, dissimilar materials. Quick adjustment for a new material is available. Laser welding is easily integrated in a manufacturing process.

  • Laser welding is much more fire-safe as compared to traditional welding processes, no molten metal and hazardous sparks are ejected during welding. This makes labour conditions more comfortable.

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  • Svilen Stoev

    Аз съм от България.Интересувам се от заваряване на материал 316л с дебелина 0,2-0,3мм.Каква е цената на апарата с мощност 500w и дали е съвместим с машина на Ван-Хол?

    Avatar Garrett

    Здравей, Свилен! 

    Този конкретен модел се предлага с 1000W лазерна тръба и е достатъчен за работа с този тип стомана. Бихме искали обаче да чуем повече подробности за работата, която планирате да извършвате с този заваръчен апарат. Моля, свържете се с нашите мениджъри. Те ще ви консултират и относно цената.

    Можете да го направите, като натиснете бутона "Обръщам се с молба" на д-вата на нашия уебсайт. 


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