Laser tube Lasea CL-1200 60W

  • Tube diameter 55 mm
  • Tube length 1200 mm
  • Tube durability 3000 h
  • Working current 25 MA
  • Gas СO2-N2-He
  • Working voltage 15 kV
  • Ignition voltage 24 kV
  • Water retention time 120-300 L/h
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Laser tube Lasea CL-1200 60W



We provide a warranty, carry out a warranty service maintenance and post-warranty maintenance

Convenient delivery terms. We will choose a transport company in accordance with customer’s requirements

We will demonstrate the operation of this machine ONLINE

Laser tube Lasea CL-1200 60W for laser machines. The tube technology is based on CO2 gas. Constant cooling is required for long-term operation of the tube, so we recommend paying attention to one of the chillers (cooling systems) of the CW series.

Payment and delivery


Delivery from the warehouse is made immediately after payment or with the customer's agreement. Delivery may be organized by the company or pick up.

Delivery cost depends on the total weight and dimensions of the equipment.


Buy from order

Payment can be made by bank transfer to our bank account. The company provides all the necessary documents for this.

Start-up and adjustment

Start-up and adjustment, service maintenance

In order to establish your own profitable production you can order commissioning works from us. The company’s engineers will launch the machine, make a test cut/engraving, and conduct training on machine operation

The cost of the service is from 125 euros. It does not include travel and travel expenses of an equipment setup engineer.

In addition, Virmer company provides diagnostic and maintenance services. The main reason for the breakdowns of laser machines is an unprofessional use. It is not recommended to trust machines service or repair to dubious organizations and repair the equipment independently. By choosing Virmer, you get a guarantee and reliability.

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