Laser tube Yongli R3 80-90W

  • Tube diameter 80 mm
  • Tube length 1250 mm
  • Tube durability 7500 h
  • Working current 21-26 MA
  • Gas СO2-N2-He
  • Water retention time 120-300 L/h
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Laser tube Yongli R3 80-90W



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Laser tube Yongli R3 is a reliable and durable device for high-precision processing of non-metallic raw materials. This model is installed in machines for precision cutting, engraving and marking of sheet materials. R3 tube provides stable and powerful laser flow (up to 90 Watts). Therefore, it is actively used in woodworking, light industry, advertising and many other areas where quality and intensive work process are important.

Materials for Yongli R3

Despite the fact that the R3 tube does not work on metal surfaces (it is required to use a special thermocouple, which significantly slows down the production cycle). The list of materials for Yongli R3:

  • wood and materials based on it (plywood, MDF, CPD, veneer);
  • plastic (plexiglass, PET, etc.);
  • synthetic and natural fabrics;
  • paper (any density and thickness);
  • cardboard (simple, decorative, corrugated);
  • leather, fur;
  • marble, ceramics;
  • ferronite, paronite, mica;
  • polyfoam, foam rubber, rubber, etc.

Distinctive features of the Yongli R3 laser tube:

  • gas discharge principle of laser flow formation. The working medium is a three-component gas mixture (CO2, N2, He). The high voltage ignition unit is a source of electric pulses;
  • the body of the device is made of strong glass (the flask is imported from Germany);
  • the tube is equipped with a built-in water cooling system with a liquid circulation rate of 2-5 l/s on average;
  • there is an internal catalyzing sputtering of silver. This increases the life of the tube, accelerates the movement of laser particles, ensures the stability of emitting and enhances the flow power;
  • the tube is universal and can be installed in any Chinese-made laser machine with suitable size of the tube bed;
  • possibility of adjustment of internal optics power;
  • competent and careful handling can extend the operational period to 7500 hours.
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Delivery from the warehouse is made immediately after payment or with the customer's agreement. Delivery may be organized by the company or pick up.

Delivery cost depends on the total weight and dimensions of the equipment.


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Payment can be made by bank transfer to our bank account. The company provides all the necessary documents for this.

Start-up and adjustment

Start-up and adjustment, service maintenance

In order to establish your own profitable production you can order commissioning works from us. The company’s engineers will launch the machine, make a test cut/engraving, and conduct training on machine operation

The cost of the service is from 125 euros. It does not include travel and travel expenses of an equipment setup engineer.

In addition, Virmer company provides diagnostic and maintenance services. The main reason for the breakdowns of laser machines is an unprofessional use. It is not recommended to trust machines service or repair to dubious organizations and repair the equipment independently. By choosing Virmer, you get a guarantee and reliability.

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