Laser tube Yongli R7 130-140W

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Laser tube for CO2 Laser Machines Yongli R7 130-140W

Brief of Laser tube for CO2 Laser Machines Yongli R7 130-140W

Surface treatment using a laser ray is characterized by high precision, speed and minimal waste of materials.

This equipment is used in many industrial areas:

  • woodworking;
  • footwear and light industry;
  • production of advertising structures, business cards, banners;
  • layout;
  • production of stencil products;
  • production of souvenirs, cards, toys, magnets;
  • cutting of sealing gaskets;
  • production of goods for interior design and household needs;
  • production of packaging containers.

Other characteristics and differences of the laser tube Yongli R7:

  • built-in optical resonator with forced cooling system;
  • the ability to adjust the power of the ray on the resonator;
  • the water cooling circuit is located directly in the gas discharge tube;
  • contact wires are connected by soldering;
  • the recommended thickness of materials is 13-14 mm for plywood and 15-17 mm for plexiglass;
  • catalyzed silver coating on the inner walls of the tube ensures a long service life and makes the device 20% more powerful than its counterparts.

Purchase procedure

  • Equipment selection

    We assist you in making your choice of a machine matching your needs

  • Sending invoice

    We agree on the complete set of the machine and sending the invoice with the final cost of the equipment.

  • Payment

    In full if the machine is in stock. 50% in advance 50% at the delivery if the machine is not in stock.

  • We check the machine

    The 3 step quality control: at the Wattsan factory, at our warehouse in the Netherlands, before the delivery.

  • Delivery or pick-up

    Either a transport company or you pick up the machine from our warehouse.

  • Launching equipment

    We are here to assist you whenever you need support.

Technical characteristics


Ignition voltage:
29 kV
Water retention time:
120-300 L/h
Tube diameter:
80 mm
Tube length:
1650 mm
Tube durability:
7500 h
Working current:
26 MA
Working voltage:
20 kV

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