CNC router machine Wattsan M1 6090

Working area:
600x900 mm
2.2 kW
Machine size:
1380 x 1500 x 1890 mm
400 kg
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CNC Router Machine WATTSAN M1 6090

Unique selling proposition

  • Bed with pre-annealing
  • Showroom and Demo
  • Increased thickness of housing
  • Reinforced portal
  • Framed structure

Brief of CNC Router Machine WATTSAN M1 6090

The Wattsan M1 6090 — CNC router machine is a reliable working machine

The CNC router machine WATTSAN M1 6090 is designed for cutting and engraving wood, MDF, chipboard, acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, composite, aluminum, etc. It is also possible to perform 3D milling cutting on the WATTSAN M1 6090.
With this machine, you can make doors from paronite, cabinets, tables, chairs, machine parts and gasket materials, stand bases, LED and light boxes, souvenirs and three-dimensional images.
The WATTSAN M1 6090 machine has a working field of 600×900x300 mm. The portal height of 300 mm makes it possible to increase the processing depth in one pass by 20% compared to the A1 6090 model. And the high strength and stability of the frame provides 10 years of work without distortion and deformation, which significantly minimizes the reject rate and allows you to process heavier workpieces.


  • – milling

  • Brass

  • Paronite

  • Copper

  • Aluminium

  • MDF

  • Plexiglas (Acrylic)

    Plexiglas (Acrylic)
  • Foam rubber

    Foam rubber
  • Plastic

  • Chipboard

  • Plywood

  • Wood


Wattsan machine beds will provide for 7 years of machine continuous operation

  • Annealing of the bed

    The solid-cast machine bed provides the required level of rigidity and vibration resistance. For the durability of the machine frame structure we anneal it in a special furnace for stress relief. Furnace tempering guarantees the service life of the frame for more than 10 years.

    Annealing of the bed
  • Massive machine bed

    On the M1 series machine, unlike A1, the bed is reinforced and has a thickness of 10 mm, which gives high strength and stability of the frame structure and provides 10 years of work without distortion and deformation. And the stiffeners increase the stability of the frame and its tensile strength.

    Massive machine bed
  • Reinforced portal

    The portal side pillars have increased rigidity to allow working with heavy loads, and also ensure the absence of vibrations when working at high speeds. It allows you to use from 1 to 12 spindles, depending on the machine design.

    Reinforced portal
  • Planetary gear

    Milling machines of the M series are equipped with Shimpo planetary gearboxes. They are designed to work with high loads, converting the torque from the servo motor and transferring it to the skew gear, which drives the portal movement. It is used in machines for cutting hard wood and soft metals.

    Planetary gear
  • HIWIN guides

    Wattsan machines are equipped with HIWIN guides. They are distinguished by their quality and reliability, unlike analogues. Four closed rows of bearings are 30% superior to similar designs in terms of load capacity and rigidity.

    HIWIN guides
  • Rack table

    The working field of the machine has a special T-slot rack coating. The standard shaped longitudinal grooves of this coating make it possible to fix the material with a mechanical holdback, bolts or clamps.

    Rack table
  • Two-phase stepper motor

    These motors are responsible for the machine movement along the Y, X and Z axes. Such motors usually do not break down and are easily replaced. At the request of the customer, the machine is equipped with a stepper motor, a hybrid stepper motor or a servo motor.

    Two-phase stepper motor

Firm frame structure of Wattsan machines

During the machine operation inertia of gentry motion is transferred to the frame which is subjected to significant loads. Therefore material and structure of the machine play a significant role in securing the machine against deformation and breakage.

  • All frames undergo multi-stage heat treatment within a day followed by milling. Furnace annealing guarantees a frame service life of more than 7 years.

    Heat-treated frame
  • All-welded frame of steel profile provides the right level of rigidity and vibration resistance. High strength and resistance of the frame ensure 10 years of operation without distortion and deformation.

    Massive frame

Purchase procedure

  • Equipment selection

    We assist you in making your choice of a machine matching your needs

  • Sending invoice

    We agree on the complete set of the machine and sending the invoice with the final cost of the equipment.

  • Payment

    In full if the machine is in stock. 50% in advance 50% at the delivery if the machine is not in stock.

  • We check the machine

    The 3 step quality control: at the Wattsan factory, at our warehouse in the Netherlands, before the delivery.

  • Delivery or pick-up

    Either a transport company or you pick up the machine from our warehouse.

  • Launching equipment

    We are here to assist you whenever you need support.

Experiences from enthusiastic bloggers

  • I’m extremely happy with the device! Its powerful reinforced frame reduces wobbling which is perfect for engraving at high speeds. I’ve been using it for acrylic glass and the results look really cool.

    Heinrich Schüür Heinrich Schüür
  • A great laser engraver, it can cut significant thicknesses of wood without effort. I used it for both engraving and cutting, and the machine worked wonderfully.

    Il Makerstauratore Il Makerstauratore
  • This laser engraver can engrave without any problem. How fast and easy it is able to customize products!

    Riccardo Muscarella Riccardo Muscarella
  • Machine has a perfectly flat surface. It makes repetitive work easier for me!

    Matteo Moras Matteo Moras
  • Great job done within an hour. Thanks to the speed of the laser CO2 machine.

    Roberto D'Adago Roberto D'Adago
  • This model is great, and laser precision is crazy, it’s sharp as a razor!

    Roger Jungo Roger Jungo

Technical characteristics


Welded steel
Working area:
600x900 mm
Installation type:
400 kg
Machine size:
1380 x 1500 x 1890 mm

Materials Table

Chipboard, Plywood, Plastic, Wood, MDF, Soft Metal, Aluminium, Composite, Plexiglass, Paronite


Engine power:
5A 6.8N
Dimension of the guides:
20 mm
Idle speed:
25000 mm/min
Engine on X and Y:
Step engine Leadshine 860
Tool lifting height (Z-axis travel):
300 mm
Positional accuracy:
0,05 mm
Positional resolution:
0,00625 mm


Power consumption:
3500 W
Power electrics:
Siemens, Chint
Motor drivers:
Leadshine dma860H
End sensors:
Electric power supply:
220 V
File transfer:


2.2 kW
Spindle RPM:
24 000 rpm
Collet chuck:


Bed type:
Welded steel
Lubrication system:
Number of axis movements:
Rotary device (optional):

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  • chiara bernardo

    stiamo valutando di comprare un pantogarafo cnc per legno, vorremmo sapere se è possibile abbinare alla macchina un paino aspirato per mantenere il pezzo da fresare.

    Avatar Garrett

    Ciao, Chiara!

    Sì, questo modello può essere modificato con un tavolo aspirante specializzato per una migliore presa del materiale.

    Grazie per la sua domanda! Non esiti a contattare i nostri responsabili per illustrarci le specifiche del suo progetto, in modo da poterle consigliare l'approccio migliore.

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