Virmer supplies laser equipment: CO2 laser machines for all materials, fiber laser machines for metal cutting and engraving. Virmer also has a wide range of CNC milling machines for any task. We guarantee careful delivery and service support for at least 2 years.

How to find the right CNC Machine for Your Business?

How to find the right CNC Machine for Your Business?

You’re cutting and engraving for your business and it's time to purchase or replace your CNC machines.

Whenever you look on the internet, you’re overwhelmed by the amount of choices laying upon your eyes. New technologies, new manufacturers and new tools appeared while you were busy working hard for your clients. To make the matter worse, the internet is now flooded with advertisements and marketplaces you’ve never heard of before. You cannot know for sure the quality of these machines.

How long will they last? A year? A month? A week?

Our Mission

Supply You with Reliable CNC machines

Supply You with Reliable CNC machines

Virmer was created in response to the ever increasing flow of CNC machines manufactured by Chinese companies being sold in Europe. At this time, and still nowadays, it was difficult for a European company to evaluate the quality and reliability of a CNC machine made in China. Too many were disappointed by their purchase. Good CNC machines manufactured in China do exist, we are here to separate the wheat from the chaff.

For more than a decade we are working with a handful of manufucturers of cnc machines and electrical components. All based in China, they differentiate themselves from their Chinese counterparts by the reliability and durability of their equipment. Our many years in the business has taught us, with whom to work and more important with whom not to work. Making the decision to purchase your cnc machines from us means chosing quality and reliability.

What do we do for you?


We supply cnc machines and parts as well as owner consulting services regarding how to effectively operate the machines. Virmer is more than a dealer of CNC machines, we are an authentic partner for your business. We provide our customers with CNC machine matching their needs and consult them about how to make the best use out of their brand new equipment.

  • Reliability
  • Long-term partner
  • EU-wide delivery
  • Advantageous terms of payment

Established partnership with well-known brands in CNC industry

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